Secureforce provides Cash in Transit (CIT) services locally in Perth, Western Australia but can also provide national service upon request.


Our service covers collection, supply, transport and even processing. This can be done for any sized client or business. Our aim is to work with you and customise a service to fit your need and budget. 


Such solutions will potentially save you and your business:

•    Time (No down time from staff)

•    Reliability and flexibility

•    Risk (Possible theft)

•    Insurance coverage

•    Peace of mind


Our CIT service is provided in two forms - Armoured or Discreet.  

Armoured services are provided in uniform with overtly armed personnel, while Discreet services are provided in plain clothes with covertly armed personnel. 

This will depend on client request, location and also value / volume. 


Services include, but are not limited to: 

•    Collection of cash and cheques for deposit

•    Delivery of change / floats

•    Valuable transport (Road or Air)

•    Clearance and processing of notes and coin (i.e. Parking Machines)

•    Armed guarding service

•    Vault secure storage